A Bad Year” Winner of 2 Elizabeth’s short story prize

Liquid” Winner of the Momaya Press Short Story Competition

Screen Door” from Belletrist Magazine

“Young Jesus” from Fjords

The Key” from Noise Medium

Communion” from Qu 

Tales of Sleep” from The Stockholm Review of Literature

A Comedy in One Act” from Cleaver Magazine

“Road Flowers” from The Soundings Review (Print)

Stagger” from Bartelby Snopes

The Structure of Clouds” from Leopardskin and Limes

Overcoming the Monster” from The Great American Literary Magazine

The Missteps and Surreal Adventures of Joaquin McHugh” from Eunoia Review

Killstanbul” from El Balazo Books (Novel)

Sweeping Glass” from The Prism Review (Short Story Contest Winner)

Wreckage” from CURA

The Cleaning Lady” from Litro

Vigilfrom Squalorly 

Flightless Birds” from Outside Voices ASU Literary Magazine

Quicksandfrom Neon  

The Girl in the Glass Casefrom Black Denim Lit 

Easter Sunday from Enhance Magazine (Flash Fiction)

Other Forms of Life from Carte Blanche 

Seven Deer Tails from Poydras Review 

“Will” from Blue Penny Quarterly 

“Flee” from Pithhead Chapel 

“Spider” from Nib 

“The Harlem Tenenbaums” from Atticus Books (Non-Fiction Blog, Article series with Atticus Books Online on NYC film sites)

“The Future on the Moon” from Fiction Week Literary Revue

“Worship” from Post Road Magazine (Short Fiction, featured as Emerging Writer)

“Ash” from Newport Review (Short Fiction Contest)

“Shoebox Kittens” from Ascent Aspirations 

“Museums” from BlazeVOX 

“The Incredible World of Erotic Animals,” “Endives” from Gigantic

“A Man Full of Ideas” from Pacific Coast Journal 

“Black Birth,” “Room For Another,” “Guilt,” “Morning Light,” “Bleecker”, “A Man Full of Ideas,” “Rosco Venga” and “The Bus and the Two Towers” from Stylus Magazine

“The Tunnel” from Naked Singularity Magazine